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The vision of Wesley Proctor Ministries is to enrich, educate and empower. This organization is purposed to enrich the lives of all people through the teaching of the Word of God, but not neglecting academic education. Dr. Proctor explains, “As we strive to meet the holistic needs of those we aim to reach, we endeavor to place emphasis on continued academic growth and learning. Therefore, we're educating others through written publications, seminars, activities and various programs.”

Critical experiences in Dr. Proctor's life, some tragic, but many auspicious and ground-breaking, have shaped this modern pioneer and undergirds his relentless determination to give back to the community. As an inner city teenager, Dr. Proctor suffered the agonizing and untimely death of his elder brother, James W. Proctor III, who was killed by gun violence in the late 1980's.

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Wesley Proctor Ministries is committed to becoming a cutting-edge global force, purposed to impact generations by transcending socio-economic status, gender, age and race, while promoting spiritual and academic excellence.

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Biography of Dr. Wesley t. Proctor

Dr. Wesley Tyrone Proctor was born to Catherine Proctor and the late James Proctor on July 28,1971. He is a graduate of George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science and is a proud member of the White-Williams Scholars Class of 1989. After high school, he received a scholarship to attend the University of Delaware.

At Delaware, he received numerous awards and served on several university and community related committees including the University of Delaware Board of Trustees.

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The James William Proctor Book Award (JWP) was established under Wesley Proctor Ministries, Inc., in January 2008. This award is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Proctor's three deceased loved ones. Dr. Proctor states, “For years, it has been a relentless desire of mine to honor the legacy of my grandfather, father and brother, while enriching the lives of others.”

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